Max Myakishev-Rempel, Ph.D.image
cell: (585) 204-0507
129 Cobb Ter. Rochester, NY 14620


Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, 1994 Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow, Russia

Thesis: “Centrifugal DNA extractor”

M.S. in Chemistry, 1986 Lomonosov Moscow State University

Thesis: “DNA synthesis”

US citizen


2012-Present: Founder and President, Localized Therapeutics, LLC

2011: Research Associate Faculty, Biology Department, University of Rochester, NY

2008-2010: Chief Scientist, LAGeT Inc., Rochester, NY
Visiting Scientist Faculty, Center for musculoskeletal research, University of Rochester.

2008: Adjunct professor, Principles of laser medicine, Alfred University, Alfred, NY

2008-2010: Founder and President, Healing Photonics, Rochester, NY

2006-2008: Research fellow, Dermatology, University of Rochester, NY.

2004: Instructor, Functional genomics, Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences, Bethesda, MD

2001: Senior Scientist, Informax-Invitrogen, Bethesda, MD.

1999-2006: Research Fellow, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD.

1996-1999: Postdoctoral research scientist, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA.

1986-1995: Research Scientist, Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow.


2009-2010: 1 R43 AR057589 (SBIR): Myakishev-Rempel (PI), NIH/NIAMS, Laser-guided gene therapy for cartilage defects.

2009: Myakishev-Rempel (PI), CEIS, Rochester, NY, MRI system for monitoring meniscus recovery

2006 – 2008: 5 T32 AR 007472: Pentland (PI) , NIH/NIAMS, Role: Research Fellow


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