Introducing the Laser Switch ™


Enabling Safer Gene Therapy

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Localized Therapeutics is a biotech R&D startup in the new field of photogenetics. We are developing a first-to-market solution that combines light control with gene therapy. This proprietary process utilizes a DNA sequence that is laser-activated (Laser Switch TM) to temporarily activate therapeutic transgenes, producing localized biological drugs naturally in the body.

Our process makes gene therapy safe by adding on/off control of gene expression, and by localizing it to the individual organ or area of treatment. Side effects are virtually non-existent, since treatments are not given systemically, and dosage is controlled by the Laser Switch via safe, natural, low level laser light.

Gene therapy is an emerging field of medicine that holds great promise for the treatment of many diseases, especially ones whose root cause can be traced back to faulty gene operation, caused by genetic mutation, aging and lifestyle. In comparison to chemical drugs and biologics, gene therapy can deliver functioning genes into cells using artificial viruses, thereby treating symptoms.



Laser light is placed on the knee to turn ONthe Laser Switch and gene medicine. Once the light is removed, the Laser Switch turns OFF.

We are targeting the field of Rheumatoid Arthritis since current medications only slow the progression of the disease, any many of medications will lose patent protection in 2014.

Target market: rheumatoid arthritis,

Patients (2012): 1M+ patients

Spending: $23B on biologic drugs.

Until now, it was difficult to control where, when, and to what extent therapeutic transgenes would work in the body. This makes such therapy inefficient, compromises safety and can even cause adverse effects. Our Laser Switch technology addresses these problems by temporarily turning the transgene ON only when and where it’s needed.

Safe, localized and efficient.