Investor pitch

1 min therapy overview

8 min investor pitch Aug 2013.

Welcome to Localized Therapeutics, LLC!

SUMMARY: Gene therapy is a promising field which got a recent regulatory boost with the approval of first gene therapy drug in Europe. We are developing laser-controlled gene switches for gene therapy drugs. This will allow to repeatedly activate therapeutic genes in target organs when desired by turning on light at desired times in wearable multi-laser patches. This is way safer than traditional drugs or traditional gene therapy drugs.


Our main focus is to make gene therapy safer and more efficient by driving transgene expression with laser light. Gene therapy is a new field of medicine which has great promise for treatment of cancer, arthritis, obesity and many other disorders. Instead of traditional small molecule drugs, gene therapy uses DNA vectors made from safe viruses incapable of multiplying. Gene therapy drugs don’t have side effects typical for traditional chemical drugs. Nonetheless, until now, there was no good way to control where, when, and to what extent, the transgenes will work in the body. We are aiming to produce and commercialize a technology that activates transgene expression only in the desired organs and only when it is needed. Hence our aim is the commercialization of a localized therapy, which is more efficient and safe than available therapies.


We aim to develop a line of products which are a combination of a laser system with a proprietary vector drug. Each vector drug will deliver laser-controlled transgene expression to a specific tissue or organ.


Our target market is the pharmaceutical companies that own intellectual property on therapeutic transgenes for specific diseases and which would benefit from using our laser activated delivery system. In addition, our laser-vector combinations can be used in animal research offering laser-controlled activation of a transgene in specific locations. Very appropriately, as of November 2012, the field of gene therapy has made a groundbreaking regulatory breakthrough with the approval of the first gene therapeutic drug for commercial use in the West.


While our technology is highly innovative, our business model is typical for biotech startups. We are applying for grants and bringing private investments.


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