We are developing a DNA resonance therapy to influence tissues using electromagnetic signatures of specific DNA sequences.

Therapeutic applications of DNA resonance technology will be in two major areas: electromagnetic stimulation and tissue regeneration.

1. Electromagnetic stimulation will revitalize specific tissues and processes via electric patterns. Its applications will include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autoimmune disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and Chron’s disease. The general effects will be in revitalizing the biochemistry and energizing the cells to perform their tasks better, including anti-inflammatory effects, normalization of neuronal function, restoration of healthy immune function, rejuvenation of tissues and pain relief.
2. Tissue regeneration will have the ability to correct and regenerate body structures. This will include organ engineering (liver, spleen, kidney) in the laboratory, and guided transformation of tissues in the body: cartilage restoration, limb regeneration, correction of bone structure, weight loss, skin regeneration and regrowth of new teeth.

In addition, DNA resonance technology will be applicable to brain-computer interface applications. The DNA resonance therapy will be done using rechargeable wearable electronic devices such as wraps, belts, and hats. To our knowledge, no one else is developing a therapeutic technology based on the electric language of DNA. However, there are research groups which are developing organ regeneration and studying electrical communication between cells and the biological effects of electromagnetic fields. Their progress is limited since they don’t guide the regeneration process using the electric signatures of DNA. A patent is pending.